International Postal Parcel Journey

Perry Lavergne

Perry Lavergne

Perry has collaborated with world postal operators such as Canada Post, USPS, Deutsche Post, Royal Mail, Australia Post, and Postal Regulators.

Understanding the parcel flow will strengthen your ability to better serve your customers in providing the service they have come to expect and deserve. With the internet firmly entrenched in our day-to-day society, customers have become computer proficient and want to know where their ecommerce purchase is during its journey.

Customers are demanding that they have real-time online tracking of their purchases which they have paid for. Customers want to know where it is and when it will arrive.

The customer’s purchase becomes a personal part of their life and they plan around its arrival whether it is for a birthday, a child’s birth, a thank you, an anniversary or any special occasion. The arrival of their parcel is part of their life and the interaction with friends and family.

We have an obligation to our customers to ensure that their expectations are met. Their purchase has a story and we have a responsibility to see that the story has a happy ending.

Understanding the parcel journey will help ensure the story has a happy ending!