E-Commerce / Fulfillment / Distribution Strategies and Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Module 1 - Strategy Development

Q. What are some of the primary elements that should be included in my e-commerce strategy?

A. Here is a list of items to be included in an e-commerce strategy, but not all-inclusive as strategies are specific to your individual goals and objectives.

  1. Desired delivery transit times.
  2. Returns policy.
  3. Multi-carrier versus single carrier delivery solution.
  4. Define/estimate desired transportation and fulfilment cost per order as a percentage of sale price.
  5. Parameters of free shipping policy.

Q. Can I be competitive in the marketplace without offering free shipping?

A. Probably not, but you can offer a less robust free shipping policy based on order revenue minimums and how your direct competitors are managing/advertising their free-shipping policy.

Q. What exactly would constitute my organizations e-commerce value proposition?

A. This would be the combination of price and service and how that is perceived by the consumer, which will vary based on your customer’s demographics/characteristics and buying motives.

Q. Should I be investing in targeted, digital marketing initiatives and should marketing initiatives be part of my e-commerce strategy?

A. Yes, if you can afford to do so.

Q. Should I include my desired on-line store components/website interface goals and object in my e-commerce strategy?

A. Yes, but on-line store/consumer website interface will not be directly addressed via this training course.